Domain Rank: 276

Last Updated: May 22, 2024

J.MP Summary

j.mp has a rank of 276, it is considered a very trustworthy and established domain. j.mp has 8 NS records, 2 A records, 0 AAAA records, 0 MX records, and 2 TXT records. Name servers for j.mp are ns-cloud-a3.googledomains.com, ns-cloud-a1.googledomains.com, ns-1056.awsdns-04.org, ns-cloud-a4.googledomains.com, ns-545.awsdns-04.net, ns-1927.awsdns-48.co.uk, ns-cloud-a2.googledomains.com, ns-403.awsdns-50.com. A records for j.mp are, We have observed j.mp to have 2 subdomains. A subdomain count of 2 is considered a small digital footprint. The domain's primary website is hosted on a nginx web server at in United States. j.mp domain rank of 276 makes it valuable phishing target. Typosquat domains for j.mp may look like b.mp. As of May 22, 2024, j.mp does not have any threat intelligence reports of concern.

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J.MP DNS Records

AAAA Records

No DNS AAAA records

TXT Records

j.mp. 3600 IN TXT "v=spf1 -all"

j.mp. 3600 IN TXT "6lkxf5jst5b9xw4131nj96xs10zj7s1z"

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J.MP Subdomains

j.mp has 2 subdomains in our inventory.

Hostname IP Address

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J.MP Website

Web Server


IP Address


United States

Meta Tags

og:locale: en_us

og:type: article

og:title: custom domain by bitly

og:url: https://bitly.com/pages/landing/branded-short-domains-powered-by-bitly

og:site_name: bitly

article:publisher: https://www.facebook.com/bitly

article:modified_time: 2021-10-28t18:13:26+00:00

og:image: https://docrdsfx76ssb.cloudfront.net/static/1714684675/pages/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/homepage-default-social.png

og:image:width: 1200

og:image:height: 631

og:image:type: image/png

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J.MP Certificate Trust

Certificate Trust Log

{"message_type": "certificate_update", "data": {"leaf_cert": {"not_after": 1726876799, "signature_algorithm": "sha256, rsa", "extensions": {"subjectKeyIdentifier": "A2:4F:C0:D7:EA:8A:82:04:3C:59:D0:E7:00:87:15:18:22:27:0D:F4", "authorityKeyIdentifier": "keyid:74:85:80:C0:66:C7:DF:37:DE:CF:BD:29:37:AA:03:1D:BE:ED:CD:17\n", "extendedKeyUsage": "TLS Web server authentication, TLS Web client authentication", "subjectAltName": "DNS:j.mp", "crlDistributionPoints": " URI:http://crl3.digicert.com/DigiCertGlobalG2TLSRSASHA2562020CA1-1.crl\nFull Name:\nFull Name:\n URI:http://crl4.digicert.com/DigiCertGlobalG2TLSRSASHA2562020CA1-1.crl", "keyUsage": "Digital Signature, Key Encipherment", "certificatePolicies": "Policy:\n CPS: http://www.digicert.com/CPS", "ctlPoisonByte": true, "authorityInfoAccess": "CA Issuers - URI:http://cacerts.digicert.com/DigiCertGlobalG2TLSRSASHA2562020CA1-1.crt\nOCSP - URI:http://ocsp.digicert.com\n", "basicConstraints": "CA:FALSE"}, "fingerprint": "B2:CC:29:3B:5F:E9:CA:3E:E6:0D:12:EB:D8:A0:FA:42:C7:40:A4:C3", "all_domains": ["j.mp"], "serial_number": "8C16CC27D71B0E4C30346B11BBB4978", "subject": {"C": "US", "CN": "j.mp", "L": "New York", "O": "Bitly, Inc.", "ST": "New York", "emailAddress": null, "OU": null, "aggregated": "/C=US/CN=j.mp/L=New York/O=Bitly, Inc./ST=New York"}, "not_before": 1694995200, "issuer": {"C": "US", "CN": "DigiCert Global G2 TLS RSA SHA256 2020 CA1", "L": null, "O": "DigiCert Inc", "ST": null, "emailAddress": null, "OU": null, "aggregated": "/C=US/CN=DigiCert Global G2 TLS RSA SHA256 2020 CA1/O=DigiCert Inc"}}, "cert_link": "https://ct.googleapis.com/logs/eu1/xenon2024/ct/v1/get-entries?start=192871626&end=192871626", "source": {"url": "https://ct.googleapis.com/logs/eu1/xenon2024/", "name": "Google 'Xenon2024' log"}, "update_type": "PrecertLogEntry", "seen": 1695045696.74243, "cert_index": 192871626}}

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