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The space for my own ctf/htb write ups, osint researches and more random stuff

This blog contains write-ups of the things that i researched, learned, and wanted to share to others.


Documenting howard's ups and downs in his engineering research in thermal systems, his work on engineering energy-saving building applications, his thought p...


Welcome! here you’ll find various write-ups on things relating to ios security, arm and hacking.


Personal web page of foo-manroot, with articles, write-ups, useful tools, personal projects and more information; mainly about cybersecurity.

Infosec, ctf write-ups, and other it related stuff

The goal of this blog is to share write-ups about security bugs and ctf solutions.

Hacking explained so we can all understand the underlying concepts. in this site you’ll find different tutorials and ctf’s write-ups explained in gory detail (most of the time) so together we can understand and practice every aspect of the secure (or


We love cybersec filed so we will post write ups with love.

This website contains some usefull tutorials and my own write-ups for cyber security challenges

I have been working with web development since 2014, the period during which i have worked in different environments, from big consultancy companies to start-ups. i am a self-motivated and self-taught professional who likes to solve problems. i merge

A collection of succinct write-ups of what interests me 🙃

Just a simple site for ctf write-ups.

Quick write-ups and things i think are interesting


Hey thanks for visiting my blog. i’m a software developer located in toronto. i do ruby and javascript at work and i write about different programming topics. hope you enjoy the write ups.


Blog where i randomly post some write ups


A blog for hacking articles and ctf write-ups.


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Collection of write-ups, security research and advisories.

Back-ups of Visio related helpfull sites

Write-ups, cheatsheets, infosec journey


Where write-ups are made.

Random musings on software development and technology start ups.


Write ups and publications by dallas coble.

Hackthebox/vulnhub write-ups

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