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News Corp

News Corp

News Corp

I am a food and drink enthusiast writing about my travels, passions, and interests. i’ve been to more than 50 countries, and am constantly searching for new and inspiring experiences. my work has appeared in usa today/10best, news corp (barron's penta,

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Freelance graphic designer and art director specialising in magazine design, product catalogues, government report design and powerpoint presentations and more. georgie smith worked for news corp australia for 15 years as a senior graphic designer special


Steven markham is a freelance photographer, specialising in editorial, sport, event and corporate photography. steven's images have featured in rolling stone, sports illustrated, the times, nbc, espn, cnn, news corp, new york post, forbes, daily mai


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Big tech and big content are oppressing creativity. it’s time to #endcreativemonopolies by reimagining our archaic copyright laws to put artists before disney, amazon, spotify, & news corp. take action in support of artists everywhere.


Moran has served as a ceo, a college president, a venture capitalist, and a top-level consultant. he is a set of one. he has worked for or with some of the world’s leading organizations including accenture, apple, news corp, american airlines, pg&e

News Corp

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