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Automated Discovery in Science and Engineering

Oliver pitsch is a product design leader from cologne, germany with over a decade of experience in setting up great ux skills in cross-functional agile product teams and harmonizing the discovery and delivery of digital products.


Swift discovery


A site about discovery through experience


START:DASH!! Discovery

Developmental Population Neuroscience Research summary - Discovery human neuroscience Measurement theory of individual differences Lifespan of human brain connectome Open resources for human brain mapping


主页 将博客搬至CSDN Go二分查找sort.Search ElasticSearch 数组去重 Elasticsearch sum和group by(aggregation)的集成 Go单个字节(byte)转字符串(string)的一点坑 记一道动态规划+数学期望的算法题 用etcd做服务


Discovery of Latent 3D Keypoints via End-to-end Geometric Reasoning

A discovery into the world of data.

We develop ai approaches that use knowledge to accelerate and innovate scientific discovery processes.



Physics-informed ai for biochemical discovery. lead ml scientist @entosai.


Beyond the clouds, boarding on the discovery shuttle

Code-it-out Summer in Bhyundar Valley GSoC Wrap-up GSoC Progress Report Implementing Entitiy Discovery - Part 2 Implementing Entitiy Discovery - Part 1 GSoC Report - Reaching the Midterm and...First XMPP Video Call Was Made GSoC Report - Understanding the


Checkmarx Machine Learing 2 VUDDY VulPecker Machine Learning Toward large-scale vulnerability discovery using Machine learning VulDeepecker Hello World 正则表达式(二) 正则表达式

Introduction to game theory: a discovery approach

Sinneb Development on the STM32H7 First own eurorack module released Domain Change a modern take on the exponential converter Replacing the CA3046 & understanding and replacing the tempco bennis|budge VCO v2.0 smd finished! New VCO prototype: bennis|budge

Truth Discovery and Fact Checking: Theory and Practice Overview Program Schedule Call For Papers

John Dagdelen: Computational Materials Science and Machine Learning for Materials Discovery About John


Discovery and web services librarian, university of alberta


Decentralized protocol and deep drug discovery researcher


Notes of a computational biologist working in drug discovery


START:DASH!! Discovery

Understanding the fundamental structure and properties of materials toward discovery and design.

Kubernetes (k8s) is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. it groups containers that make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery. kubernetes builds upon 15 ye


I am an assistant research fellow (assistant professor) at the institute of information science, academia sinica, taiwan. i am interested in the discovery of mathematical and logical structures of computation so that they can be manifested in programming

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